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Sang Yoon’s Home Kitchen Has Ketchup!

Have it his way
Have it his way Photo: Hella TJ via Flickr

Today The Wall Street Journal busts out its own episode of Cribs, starring the Brentwood home of Sang Yoon. The Father’s Office and Lukshon chef and owner admits he’s obsessed with coffee, Tommy’s double-cheese chili burger, and instant oatmeal, and also details how his body got all mashed up from playing ice hockey. But it’s what in his fridge that really leaves us speechless.

A legendary combatant of condiments, Yoon shows off a bottle of Heinz Ketchup in his fridge, making sure we all know, “It’s not for me. It’s if someone comes over and wants it.” Asked about his reluctance to offer the exact same stuff to anyone who comes over to Father’s Office and wants it, he simply says, “It just doesn’t need ketchup. I didn’t realize that would be so controversial.”

Chef Sang Yoon [WSJ]

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Sang Yoon’s Home Kitchen Has Ketchup!