Royale Shuts Down in Sex Flap; Bittman on Miso

• The Boston Licensing Board ordered Royale to shut down for one day due to an incident in which one of its doormen received oral sex from an ejected patron. Talk about nocturnal emissions! [AH, Earlier]

• Mark Bittman urges us not to limit miso to soup; thanks to its incredible umami qualities, it makes a great seasoning, butter, or mayo, he writes. [NYT]

• Here’s something scary: It may not just be calories making us fat, but rather all of the weird organic pollutants we consume via our food and water systems. [Atlantic]

• If you’re interested in wine, turn your eye to Spain, “one of the most fascinating wine-producing countries in Europe, if not the world,” according to this critic. [WSJ]

• D. Landreth Seed Co., which has a long and storied history stretching back to the Constitutional Convention, is at risk of going under. So buy seeds! You listening, DIY types? [Salt/NPR]

Royale Shuts Down in Sex Flap; Bittman on Miso