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Rosa Mexicano Plans to Spice Up the Seaport on May Day

Chef Jonathan Waxman, hired to spice up RM's menu
Chef Jonathan Waxman, hired to spice up RM’s menu Photo: Melissa Hom

Glitzy guacamole emporium Rosa Mexicano plans to open a branch in the Seaport District on May 1, a tipster whispers to Grub Street. But has Boston grown tired of upscale Mexican restaurants? Is Rosa Mexicano really so different from the slew of swanky spiceries that opened last year? We say yes.

We’ve actually never had a bad meal at Rosa Mexicano, and we’ve been to more outposts than we care to name (New York and D.C. are favorites). The table-side guacamole really is quite good. And the NY-based chain has been doing their thing for years with fairly even results. Our prediction: It’ll become an above-average, reliable choice for business diners who want a nearby alternative to steakhouses like Del Frisco’s.

Plus, the chain recently announced a partnership with “Jedi chef” Jonathan Waxman. He’ll be serving as “chef in residence” for RM, assembling a selection of seasonal dishes that will vary a bit from location to location. As we noted earlier, the Top Chef Masters runner-up and Chez Panisse alum plans to add lamb neck enchiladas to the RM menu, so really, we’re pretty much in favor of one more Mexican place in Boston, as long as it’s this one.

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Rosa Mexicano Plans to Spice Up the Seaport on May Day