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Michael Bauer Gushes About the New Original Joe’s; Patty U. Is ‘Startled’ By How Good Gilberth’s Is

The old Original Joe's signage, which lives on in the new space.
The old Original Joe’s signage, which lives on in the new space. Photo: Thomas Hawk

Michael Bauer can not help but love the new Original Joe’s, which relocated to North Beach this year after a four-year hiatus following a fire at their original Tenderloin location. He says, “It feels like the Joe’s that was founded in 1937 seen through the lens of 2012,” and goes on to rave about everything from the Caesar salad (“It could rival Zuni Cafe’s.”) to the artichoke-spinach dip (“It’s a flawless accompaniment to the boozy $6 Manhattan.”). Also, he’s a big fan of their fritto misto, and the grilled calf’s liver, and he seems especially pleased with how cheap the cocktails are, even if there’s Old Crow in that Manhattan. He notes some inconsistency in the quality of some dishes, but he says the new-school execution of the old-school menu is all “wholly satisfying.” Verdict: two and a half stars. [Chron, Earlier slideshow]

Patricia Unterman has been spending a lot of time in Dogpatch recently (see her review of Piccino from last fall), and she recently happened upon Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill which just opened in January at 3rd and 20th. She says she was “startled” by how good the food was, and immediately went back for more. She gushes about the roasted chili-lime Brussels sprouts and fried marinated cauliflower with romesco, and she loves the mondonguito, “immaculate beef tripe braised to buttery tenderness.” Also she recommends his “lively” lamb and chorizo burger, and the roasted pork chuck with a side of pico de gallo. She also notes that the place is still under-the-radar and BYOB, so it’s easy to walk in. [Examiner]

Michael Bauer Gushes About the New Original Joe’s; Patty U. Is