Sometimes, Working at a Pirate Restaurant Pays Off

Photo: iStockphoto

Anthony Bourdain has lamented that wimpy restaurateurs aren’t pirates anymore, but he really shouldn’t worry, because his dream lives on in Daytona, Florida. When a would-be burglar entered Captain Steamer’s Oyster Bar (motto: “Party like a Pirate!”) over the weekend, employee Anthony Brisbane stabbed the scallywag with a decorative sword.

Brisbane was relaxing in the break room when he heard a thud, grabbed the sword, and saw a masked man “standing in the shadows.” Upon noticing the sword, the burglar pleaded with Brisbane: “Don’t kill me; don’t kill me!” Brisbane then called 911 while holding the sword against the robber’s stomach.

In a strange twist, the robber then offered Brisbane money to stop with the stabbin’. Of course, a sword can only do so much. Brisbane finished off the criminal by slamming a can of Bud Light on his head, at which point police arrived and presumably took the robber away in their … carrrr.

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Sometimes, Working at a Pirate Restaurant Pays Off