Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal Both Out at Farmers’ Cabinet

Phoebe Esmon
Phoebe Esmon Photo: Collin Keefe

The veritable toast of this town’s cocktail set, Phoebe Esmon and her work partner and fiancee Christian Gaal, dropped a double doozy on us this afternoon. Seems the two have both officially resigned from Farmers’ Cabinet. You’ll recall that Esmon has been steering that ship’s cocktail program since it opened last year. There’s no indication if the split was amicable. But with the Farmers’ Cabinet owners’ track record, the mind reels. In a prepared statement, Esmon says she and Gaal are moving on to “other projects,” but was mum on what. Keep reading to see the full statement.

In her statement, Esmon wrote:

After a year’s labor helming the Farmer’s Cabinet cocktail bar, Phoebe Esmon will be moving on to other projects. Christian Gaal, her work partner and fiancee, is also putting heel to pavement. The couple has a desire to work jointly, in full collaboration, on a beverage program; a desire that their present position did not fulfill. They have given notice, and going forward will no longer be associated with the entities that are the Farmers’ Cabinet or The Grainery Restaurant Group, LLC.

There’s no word yet on the matter from Farmers’ Cabinet.

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Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal Both Out at Farmers’ Cabinet