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Pennsylvania State Senate Approves Direct Wine Shipments

Viva vino!
Viva vino! Photo: Getty Images

Big ups are in order for Philly’s State Senator Larry Farnese for sponsoring a bill that the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously approved earlier today that will allow oenophiles to buy wine directly from vintners and have bottles shipped directly to their homes. The AP reports that state lawmakers signed off on the bill after little to no debate. Earlier it was uncertain how the voting would go. In true bizarro fashion, Governor Tom Corbett, who campaigned on a promise to privatize booze sales, copped a very pro PLCB stance on the matter, arguing that direct to consumer sales would cost the state revenue in the form of sales tax, the Johnstown flood tax, and the 30 percent mark up the state’s booze board adds to every bottle sold.

Though current rules allow state residents to order from out-of-state wineries, shipments have to come through one of Pennsylvania’s Wine and Spirits Shops. Under the new legislation, drinkers can buy up to 24 bottles a month directly from wineries, and the state will collect all the taxes. All consumers have to do is foot the bill, and show I.D. to verify their age when the shipments arrive.

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Pennsylvania State Senate Approves Direct Wine Shipments