‘Wine Enthusiast’ Launches Mandarin Edition; ‘Pimpnho’ Raspberry Wine Is a Thing

“I prefer boysenberry wine.” Photo: iStockphoto

• Want to entice a young twentysomething to buy a bottle of wine? The design of the label and the name are very important. Take for example this bottle of OMG! Chardonnay. [Washington Post]

• Catering to the booming Chinese market, Wine Enthusiast just launched a Mandarin Chinese edition, in partnership with something called YesMyWine.com. [MarketWatch]

• There is now such a thing as Pimpnho raspberry wine, and a newly named American hybrid grape varietal called Valiant that can grow places like South Dakota. [Sacramento Bee]

• Here’s an interview with pioneering female winemaker Merry Edwards, one of the better Pinot producers in California, who’s spent her career “battling with the boys”, and who was just nominated this week for a James Beard Award. [Times & Democrat]

• Francis Ford Coppola’s big country club-esque winery in northern Sonoma County, which opened its pool and recreation facilities last year (complete with little changing rooms that Francis insists on calling cabines), just reopened the pool and bocce courts for the season. [Forbes]

• A U.K. mag picks out the most “weird and wonderful” wines from Napa. [Drinks Business]

‘Wine Enthusiast’ Launches Mandarin Edition; ‘Pimpnho’