Pink Slime? Not at Genuardi’s; Mickey D’s CEO to Step Down

• Today in pink slime: Local supermarket chain Genuardi’s joins Safeway, SUPERVALU, and Food Lion in halting sales of the recent scourge of the meat industry. [myfoxphilly]

• Zitner’s new owner plans to modernize and take the Easter candy maker nationally, but won’t mess with the original recipes. [Inquirer]

• Payback: Gordon Ramsay is suing Laurier BBQ, F.K.A. Laurier Gordon Ramsay, claiming he was unfairly ousted from a partnership after just six months. [LF Press]

• There’s hardly a beverage market Starbucks isn’t getting into these days: first juice, now energy drinks. What’s next — “Tap water: brought to you by Starbucks”? [USAT]

• A study found that sleeping even an hour or so less than usual can cause people to eat 549 extra calories the following day. [NYDN]

• Everyone in the fast-food industry is really obsessed with that “daypart” known as breakfast, and plotting ways to profit from the fact that few people sit down to a square morning meal anymore. [NRN]

• McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner will step down in July, after seven years. It’s unclear whether this has anything to do with Pink-Slime-Gate. [Reuters via HuffPo]

Pink Slime? Not at Genuardi’s; Mickey D’s CEO to Step Down