Neil Young’s Son Cultivates Coveted ‘Golden Eggs’ In South Bay

Shrimp and grits served with one of Ben's golden eggs at Calafia.
Shrimp and grits served with one of Ben’s golden eggs at Calafia. Photo: Calafia

The Chronicle fills us in about the much sought-after eggs that Neil Young’s middle son, Ben Young, has spent a decade perfecting at his egg farm at Coastside Ranch in La Honda. Young’s 250 Red Sex-Link hens — all named Georgette (the roosters are named George) — lay more than 100 eggs per day as they munch on organic grains in the warm sun.

One of Young’s clients, Charlie Ayers of Calafia in Palo Alto, buys more than 2,800 eggs weekly during the off-season, from October through April. Ayers tells the Chron about the first time he encountered the eggs: “They had the most beautiful orange yolks. You could taste that they were the real deal.” Naturally, these eggs are reserved for dishes featuring the sunny side up variety at Calafia — 1,500 of them are served during the restaurant’s brunch service.

In addition to brunch at Calafia, enthusiasts can find Young’s eggs at Cafe Gibraltar in Half Moon Bay. They’re also available for $8 a dozen at Alena Jean nursery in Half Moon Bay and for $7 a dozen at the Coastside Farmers’ Market at Shoreline Station in Half Moon Bay from May through November. Get to the market early — They usually sell out in less than two hours.

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Neil Young’s Son Cultivates Coveted ‘Golden Eggs’ In South Bay