Where to OD on Seaside Paella This Tuesday

Every paella has its day
Every paella has its day Photo: Miamism via Flickr

We’re not national food holiday kind of grubbers, but still, something about the fact that the U.S. even has a national paella day in the first place sounds so completely random and conflicted that we just have to join the fray. Not to mention, we love this Spanish seafood smörgåsbord, which can often be a challenge to glimpse on its best side in L.A. While we currently take our Iberian satisfaction at Cafe Livre et Le Marche, the marina’s Cafe del Rey sends word that it’s going all out for this coming Tuesday’s national paella day with three distinct takes on the stuff.

Executive Chef Daniel Roberts plans to offer seafood, meat, and veggie paella at a special station, throwing in a a free glass of red or white sangria made with seasonal fruits with every order. In addition, he’ll offer a rice pudding-esque dessert of creme Catalana, in addition to its standard menu. So far, the meat paella sounds like it could challenge Adam Richman, including linguica, chicken, and braised short ribs into a mix of quinoa, creme fraiche, and late winter veggies.

See Cafe del Rey’s full list of paella options below.

Tuesday, March 27 specials at Cafe del Rey:

Seafood Paella - prawns, mussels, scallops, Basque chorizo, grilled squid, English peas, tomato, wild arugula, and black rice

Meat Paella - braised short rib, chicken, linguiça, yam, baby zucchini, cipollini onion, cilantro, quinoa, and coriander crème fraîche

Vegetable Paella - saffron rice, eggplant, artichoke hearts, purple potatoes, peas, garlic, chive, and oven dried tomato

Arroz Crème Catalana - Spanish rice pudding

Red and White Sangria

Where to OD on Seaside Paella This Tuesday