Miyata Menji, The ‘In-N-Out of Ramen,’ Opens on Sawtelle Tomorrow

Miyata Menji's KK100
Miyata Menji’s KK100 Photo: Miyata Menji

Ramen is suddenly big business on Sawtelle and now we know which new tsukemen spot will take over the space formerly occupied by Giant Robot’s Gr/Eats in West L.A. Miyata Menji will debut up here tomorrow, with plans to skim some overflow from popular lunchtime neighbor Tsujita Artisan Noodle House. The L.A. Times reports that this new eatery comes from the food-obsessed city of Osaka via a Japanese comedian named Tetsuji Miyata, who calls his place “the In-N-Out of ramen” due to a simple menu bearing just two items: Tonkotsu pork ramen with terriyaki beef and fried tomatoes and the aforementioned “dipping ramen” with anchovy, minced pork, croutons, and an option of grated cheese. The bowls sport names of advanced Terminator models, with offerings of a T2G-D and KK100, along with some expected sides. Brose the menu and website online, which will be easier if you have a working command of Japanese or simply love vintage J-pop.

Miyata Menji, 2500 Sawtelle Blvd. West L.A. 310-312-3929.

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Miyata Menji, The ‘In-N-Out of Ramen,’ Opens on Sawtelle Tomorrow