Mitt Romney Loves Meatloaf Cakes; Red Meat Is Still Killing You

• Yesterday was Mitt Romney’s birthday; he claims his favorite b-day dinner is his wife’s meatloaf cakes, but didn’t get the chance to eat it while on the road. [NYT]

• Bad news, carnivores: A daily serving of red or processed meat may be correlated to an increased mortality rate of up to 13 percent. [NPR]

• Tech stuff and music aren’t the only attractions of this year’s SXSW; competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi showed up and broke the world grilled-cheese-eating record. See video if you can stomach it. [HuffPo]

• Jonathan Gold spies the foie gras donut at Umamicatessen and kinda likes the thing, despite its eight dollar cost. [LAT]

• L.A. blogger Bill Esparza takes Food & Wine on a tour of Tijuana’s best eats. [Food & Wine]

• Take heart, Hamburger Hamlet isn’t dead…yet. A new location is planned for Larchmont. [Larchmont Buzz]

• Sawtelle’s Gottsui is now serving ramen during lunch, perhaps in a bid to soak up some of Tsujita’s overflow. [ML]

• The Lennox Little League is staying afloat in part after Jet Strip, a local strip club, donated $1,200 to the 40 team-strong league. [Fox]

• Some scientists are claiming that genetically modified foods may be good for you, with side effects like helping stave off obesity. Hmmm. [Guardian UK]

Mitt Romney Loves Meatloaf Cakes; Red Meat Is Still Killing You