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Meadowood to Launch $500 Chef’s Counter Menu

The former dining room, now being redone.
The former dining room, now being redone. Photo: Grub Street

Following on yesterday’s announcement that Saison is raising prices and going to a tickets-only reservation system, we now hear via the Scoop that Meadowood will be raising prices too, at least for their new chef’s counter menu, when they reopen, post-remodel, on March 23.

The base price for the regular, nine-course tasting menu will remain $225, which puts them just behind Saison’s weekend base price of $248. But the chef’s counter, with up to 20 courses, will start at $500 per person for food (including tax and gratuity), with $350 additional for pairing — and that price apparently goes up with more premium pairings. This will make it the most expensive restaurant menu in California.

It should be noted that the French Laundry, California’s only other Michelin three-star restaurant, currently has a base price of $270, without pairings. But they don’t have a chef’s counter option, just that “box” you can sit in and feel like Thomas Keller, overseeing all the action in the kitchen.

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Meadowood to Launch $500 Chef’s Counter Menu