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Looking into Mark Manguera’s Snow Monkey

Eat the flavored snow
Eat the flavored snow Photo: Snow Monkey

Since opening last fall, we haven’t heard much of a peep from Kogi founder Mark Manguera’s Snow Monkey, the snow ice spot that hopped its way into Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park. Today, blogger Pleasure Palate offers the first look into Manguera’s cold ribbons of snow made from purified water infused with flavor and topped with crazy ingredients. Inspired tastes include a maple snow sporting a stick of bacon, chocolate-topped mango-lychee, taro, bubble gum, and green tea flavors, along with topping options like condensed milk, chocolate Pocky, and crushed fortune cookies. Not only does the business plan growth, but Snow Monkey is also donating a percentage of its proceeds to Haven Hills, a shelter for moms and kids victimized by domestic abuse.

Snow Monkey, 6600 Topanga Blvd. Canoga Park. 818-888-8092.

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Looking into Mark Manguera’s Snow Monkey