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Dave Schmidt Leaves Sadie, Mark Gold Comes to The Rescue

Mark Gold
Mark Gold Photo: James and James Photography

The rep for Sadie writes to tell the food-writing world that Dave Schmidt, the restaurant’s executive chef, recently bolted this Les Deux re-do in Hollywood, after standing with the space through earlier transformations then ultimately deciding Sadie “wasn’t the best fit for him” after roughly six weeks. In his place, Eva owner and chef Mark Gold is now working with the restaurant to pick up the slack. Gold is officially acting as the restaurant’s new consulting chef, with a PR statement that all is apparently well at Eva, which will remain his first order of business (both restaurants are named after the owners’ grandmothers).

Gold became acquainted with Sadie partner Rick Selby over dinner at Eva and is poised to introduce his own touch with responsible resource cooking onto the menu here, which he’s currently revamping for spring. So far, no new dishes are leaking from the camp, but as Gold fans, expect us to follow all developments closely.

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Dave Schmidt Leaves Sadie, Mark Gold Comes to The Rescue