Batali, Bastianich & Co. Settle Tip-Skimming Suit for $5.25 Million

Time to pay up.
Time to pay up. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Remember that lawsuit a server and food-runner at Babbo brought against Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, and co. over alleged tip skimming? Well, a year and a half after papers were first filed, Law360 is saying that Team Batali has settled the suit for $5.25 million.

The money will be divided among the 117 plaintiffs, and payout is also available to anyone who worked at the eight restaurants in question between July 22, 2004, and February 14, 2012. Full payment will occur by June, though the parties evidently reached a settlement-in-principle back in October. Miraculously, Joe Bastianich has managed to avoid any outbursts since then.

Mario Batali Gets Waitstaff Wage Action Off Plate For $5M [Law360 (subscription required) via HuffPo]
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Batali, Bastianich & Co. Settle Tip-Skimming Suit for $5.25 Million