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Madeo Waiter Slaps Photographer in Defense of Paris Hilton; Jennifer Aniston Takes a Date at Chateau Marmont

Paris Hilton, got to be startin' something
Paris Hilton, got to be startin’ something Photo: Casa Roger via Flickr

Now that’s service! Paris Hilton, who should need protection after dropping her latest “song,” narrowly escaped a Beverly Hills brawl last night after a waiter at Madeo reportedly walked the pop-tart to her car amid a sea of paparazzi, who we only hope were there for bigger fish. Incensed that the privacy of a girl famous for a homemade porno would be infringed upon, and more likely pissed at the pushiness of the scene, the employee laid the smack down on a photographer from X17, that notorious gossip agency bearing a street gang name and the occasional tendency to jump people. Thankfully, it gets even better.

After the man slapped the shutterbug, a co-worker from X17 took a swing at him, which landed straight onto the head of a customer. Naturally, that victim’s husband jumped into the fray too, getting in a few punches of his own. And yes, RumorFix has a full video showing how they scrap in 90210 (the audible, visible smack fires-off at 2:07)!

If you can possibly draw your attention away from alla that, check out where else celebs ate in L.A. this week.

Ago: Jennifer Lopez took her son boy-toy out for a refined Italian meal before returning back to “the block.” [Social Life]

Casa Vega: Tony Keith stomped some shit on Wednesday, while Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, and a group of friends celebrated another pal’s birthday on Thursday night over dinner. Slash came last Sunday and ate with his wife and kids. [GS]

Chateau Marmont: Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend went out this week and you’ll be relieved to know the appeared “content and present with each other.” [People]

Cut: Eva Longoria strayed from her own restaurant for a change to celebrate two days before her 37th birthday. Then on the big day, she hit Chateau Marmont. [Ace Showbiz]

Fig & Olive: Sharon Stone was all up in there last night, eating prosciutto crostini. Word is she may have let slip that she’s allergic to berries, too. [GS]

Katsuya: Jim Carrey and his devotchka dove in to some sushi last weekend. Russian lovers are SO trendy these days! [Daily Mail]

Madeo: A brawl exploded outside of the restaurant, after a waiter slapped someone trying to get a photo of Paris Hilton. [Rumor Fix]

Napa Valley Grille: Diane Lane and Josh Brolin came for a bite on Wednesday with their teenage daughter. The couple thanked the chef before leaving. [GS]

Red O: Josh Grobin, Haley Joel Osment, and Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki were all seen dining separately at Red O on Friday night. Mario Lopez also came by this week and flashed his dimples. [GS]

Taverna Tony: Robbie Williams, still trying to make it in the States, defended himself against accusations that he’s turned into a major lard-ass after hitting the restaurant. [News Au]

Madeo Waiter Slaps Photographer in Defense of Paris Hilton; Jennifer Aniston