Grill ‘Em All: Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Has His Own ‘Trashy’ Burger

Tastes great with chips!
Tastes great with chips!

Some musicians think fame entitles them to be huffy about food. (Case in point: M.I.A.’s insistence on European cheese-and-cracker trays wherever she tours.) But not Metallica. L.A. food truck Grill ‘Em All struck a deal with the band: In exchange for using their song and logo likeness, they had to create a Metallica burger. Fair enough. Owner Ryan Harkins concocted the Jump in the Fryer Burger with waffle buns, fried chicken, burger meat, cheese, and maple syrup with Sriracha. But his real masterpiece might be the burger he made in honor of drummer Lars Ulrich.

“I did have a burger for awhile called the Lars Burger,” Harkins tells KCET. “It had seared foie gras with potato chips. Just a white-trash burger that thinks it’s not, because he collects art and all that shit, but his root is just a total white-trash metal head.” Harkins does note that foie gras tastes surprisingly good with trashy potato chips.

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Grill ‘Em All: Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Has His Own