Lady Gaga Possibly Shopping for a Vineyard in Sonoma

Gaga in her funereal Grammys getup.
Gaga in her funereal Grammys getup. Photo: Getty Images

Following on rumors that Lady Gaga was house-hunting around Sonoma last week — and was also spotted eating at Girl + the Fig, Nick’s Cove, and the French Laundry — we now hear from a source close to young Stephanie that she’s contemplating buying a vineyard as an investment. As the UK Sun reports, she’s a big red wine drinker and regularly polishes off “six or seven bottles” with friends over dinner. Also, she likes “drinking the most expensive bottles she can get her hands on,” and is now parlaying her wine passion into a possible retirement-investment idea. Little does she know most wineries aren’t that profitable!

As the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat earlier reported, Domenica Catelli of Catelli’s in Geyserville is a family friend of Gaga’s parents, and consulted on their New York restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, which just opened last month. Catelli and the singer met at New Year’s Eve party in New York, and Catelli seems to have acted as a sort of tour guide when Gaga landed in Sonoma in February.

Gaga would be joining the Beckhams as recent celebrity puchasers of vineyards, although so far the Beckhams’ wine has been kept as a private label. According to the source, Gaga “sees a vineyard as a business investment and something she can work on with [boyfriend] Taylor [Kinney] when her pop career comes to an end.”

So, wait … she’s not going to milk this for all its worth well into her 50s like ole Madonna? Weird.

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Lady Gaga Possibly Shopping for a Vineyard in Sonoma