L.A. Brewing Company Will Totally Baby-Sit Your Dog

All dogs go to happy hour
All dogs go to happy hour Photo: Jonf728 via Flickr

While your friends with that new baby may never be able to meet you for another drink again, they can now be easily replaced by your pals who love pooches, as L.A. restaurants continue to slobber all over canines with the force of a mastiff. While the trend reached the crest of ridiculousness with high-end dog menus and doggy food trucks, KTLA reports that Downtown’s new L.A. Brewing Company is fetching its best mutt-friendly move, promising to sit your dog when you come in for a bite.

The currently soft-open restaurant doesn’t offer its own beer yet, but does have a “dog valet” service housed in an area separated from the same place you get your drink and grub on. The only caveat is that your dog must be licensed. If not, maybe Feng Mao could find a place for them? Oh, right. In any case, this will probably hold some appeal for ambulatory Downtowners when Little Tokyo’s doggie spa, Muttropolitan, gets booked for the afternoon.

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L.A. Brewing Company Will Totally Baby-Sit Your Dog