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Is Kerry Simon Going Into Business With Old Pal Bill Murray?

Mr. SImon, what went on in your head?
Mr. SImon, what went on in your head? Photo: Kerry SImon

Hard-rocking, head-banging, Satan-worshipping chef Kerry Simon descended from oft his skull-lined throne of metal last Thursday to stand as the keynote speaker at a restaurant industry conference in Seattle, which Nation’s Restaurant News recounts today. While David Myers bitched about unfair competition from food trucks, Kerry spilled the beans that he’s got a few chain ambitions nestled in the sleeves of his black wizard’s cloak. The “rock-n-roll” chef is currently considering an expansion of KGB, the burger stand he has set up somewhere between the pole dancers and penny slots at Harrah’s in Vegas. He is also considering a pizza joint called “Simon Says,” which is a pretty irresistible name, regardless of what concept is to come. But that’s not all.

Kerry also revealed that he used to work at a Chicago-area Little Caesar’s with arguably the world’s greatest person, Bill Murray, when the two were just greasy teens. Recently, Murray has been trying to tap the chef to help bring a touch of sophistication to Caddyshack, the Florida-based restaurant that Bill owns with his bro Brian.

Sounds like Kerry has some busy months ahead. Let’s just pray that whatever the end result is at either Simon Says or a Kerry-infused Caddyshack, Little Caesar’s only brought the famous restaurateurs together and never influenced their approach to food.

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Is Kerry Simon Going Into Business With Old Pal Bill Murray?