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Watch Nozawa Dream of Sushi, Too

Nozawa discusses the lack of manners in the U.S.
Nozawa discusses the lack of manners in the U.S. Photo: Vimeo

You’ve probably read a dozen food bloggers wank on and on about how poignant and beautiful the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi is, but today The Hollywood Reporter gives us a glimpse at the film’s local roots. It turns out that director David Gelb first shot a test video with Studio City’s legendary, recently retired sushi master, Kazunori Nozawa. As one would expect, Nozawa wastes no time ripping on California and spicy tuna rolls in this clip (“I started here omakase, because American people they don’t know real good sushi,” he stings), while you can see how Gelb’s stirring way with classical strings could have easily given the so-called Sushi Nazi the same moving Jiro treatment with near-equal grace, minus that slightly Oedipal sub-plot. Anyway, now that Sushi Nozawa is no more, watching the chef slice his way into a tuna may be all we have to rekindle the memories. Take a look at Gelb’s Nozawa clip, below.


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Watch Nozawa Dream of Sushi, Too