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Jonathan Gold Explores The Ethics of Sucking Face

But it's looking us right in the eyes!
But it’s looking us right in the eyes! Photo: D U Y G U via Flickr

Today Jonathan Gold plays ethicist for The L.A. Times and remarkably, sort of shares a theme, and certainly a reference to Pete Singer, with the actual Ethicist (wait, then again, we’re yet to see a photo of Gold and Ariel Kramer together…hmmm?). A reader writes Gold to ask why they have to eat dinner across from one of those ass-heads intent on ruining your pig mask bacon by declaring that they won’t “anything with a face” at a dinner party. After trying to pin the phrase on David Hasselhoff or The Super Mario Brother’s damsel in distress, Gold wonders why the same people aren’t typically seen munching non-faceless forms of life like jellyfish and oysters, though even he gets sketched on having to slice the clock off of a soft-shell crab. So, it is right to broach these kind of subjects at dinner parties? Survey says?

The food police win this round, as Gold basically permits just about any discussion about eating at the dinner-table. Still, it’s pretty clear where his sympathies lie when he advises, “If you wish to express your displeasure by ordering the tete de veau – well, I raise my hat to you.”

Dear Mr. Gold: Dinner without a face [LAT]

Jonathan Gold Explores The Ethics of Sucking Face