Did John Lennon Have Bulimia?; Coors Releases Ice Tea-Flavored Beer

• A new book claims notorious egg-man John Lennon “loved to eat,” but hated feeling full, leading to accusations that he was bulimic. [ToI]

• It’s nearly spring, and beers are going citrusy: Coors will roll out an iced-tea flavored beer, and Anheuser-Busch will introduce Lime-a-Rita margarita-flavored suds. We’ll stick to tequila-spiked Arnold Palmers, but thanks. [NYDN]

• Sip on this: Coca-Cola had to modify ingredients in one of its caramel-color additives to avoid having to put cancer warnings on its cans under a new California law. Pepsi is yet to follow its lead (as always). [Salt/NPR]

• Rush Limbaugh does NOT like books that expose the underbelly of the food system, as evidenced by his “young, single, over-educated” comments about Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way of Eating. Wait, he reads books? [Seattle Times]

• Restaurateur Adolfo Suaya came to the States as a young Porteño with a dream: To become a Hollywood star. Instead, he opened Guacho Grill, launching a new career. [Fox]

• If you’re curious what an upscale, local-food-focused Starbucks looks like, here’s photo evidence of the new one in Amsterdam. [HuffPo]

• Zach Brooks susses out Kaboom, a new Mid-City-based Jamaican restaurant that doesn’t quite deliver. A fuckery dat. [Midtown Lunch]

• Pleasure Palate raves about Gary Menes’ Le Comptoir. [Pleasure Palate]

Did John Lennon Have Bulimia?; Coors Releases Ice Tea-Flavored Beer