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IHOP Once (Sincerely) Fought Against Diabetes

He's serious, y'all.
He’s serious, y’all.

Long before Michelle Obama fought against childhood obesity and Paula Deen was disgraced for her butter proselytizing, the International House of Pancakes was a staunch advocate in the fight against diabetes. Yes, as this little PSA from the early nineties shows us, there once was a time before irony, when a few pennies from the sale of a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® actually went toward research to figure out how in hell so many American kids were developing type 2 diabetes.

The video, which was unearthed for us by VHS-to-YouTube archivists Everything Is Terrible, features longtime IHOP spokesman Cliff Bemis, who really can’t be blamed for this atrocity. (Some may remember him from that ad where he played twins, one of whom liked breakfast for dinner.) He was just a hard-working TV actor when the IHOP gig came along, and he was only reading his lines.

International House of Diabetes
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IHOP Once (Sincerely) Fought Against Diabetes