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Chef Hickey hard at work at Goose Island.
Chef Hickey hard at work at Goose Island. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

A month or so back you may recall that we dropped in Goose Island brewmaster Jared Rouben (and we mean master as more than a formality) and Allium chef Kevin Hickey (no slouch himself) as they made a special beer for Allium’s opening, Allium Roseus, a Belgian red ale with citrus fruit flavors. Karl Klockars at Guys Drinking Beer has a review of it, which you can now go have with Hickey’s upscale-south side comfort food at Allium:

“Allium” refers to the family of plant that the onion belongs to, “Roseus” or “rose” presumably for the pinkish-red hue of the beer … and boy, does this beer reflect both of those. In fact, the first thing that came to mind on the initial tasting of this beer is the sharp bite and clean flavors of a nice slice of fresh red onion… as GI beers go, it’s not accessible to take the place of Sofie or Fleur - and nor is it intended to - but between the bite of the “onion,” the perfumed softness of the follow through and the nice pinkish-red color, it’s quite unique.

Review: Goose Island Allium Roseus and the 1% [Guys Drinking Beer]

Guys Drinking Beer Drink Allium’s Beer