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Bourgeois Pig Owner Opening Graffiti Coffeehouse in Mid-City

Graffiti Photo: Graffiti Coffeehouse via Eater

Now that ubiquitous chef tattoos have lost their ability to shock and/or offend, graffiti is increasingly becoming a restaurateur’s quickest option to bring an “edgy” vibe into their spaces. Over the last few years, we’ve seen food trucks team up with Estevan Oriol and artist RIME and graf writers become food bloggers, while Aburiya Toranoku, Abigaile, Pink Taco, and Mo-Chica are among the crews currently burning up their walls with work from aerosol artists. Now, Eater reports that a new coffeehouse from Bourgeois Pig’s Brad Benson (with partner Guillermo Rolando) is forgoing all subtleties by simply naming itself Graffiti Coffeehouse for its debut on La Brea, an area currently better known for its wheat-pasting than paint-spraying and frequent Mr. Brainwash antics more than tagging crew scrawls.

Sure, it’s hard to believe there wasn’t already a restaurant named Graffiti in the eighties, but if anyone would know a good name, it would be have to be Benson, whose Los Feliz coffeehouse still packs an impact on its marquee as strongly as it manages to sum up the whole of Franklin Avenue cool.

Anyway, we’re making the obvious prediction that this one will have rotating artwork by local graf artists on the wall, and if we’re lucky, sick can-control when it comes to using that edible spray-paint from Germany.

Graffiti Coffeehouse, opening May 1 at i>180 S. LaBrea Ave. Mid-City.

Graffiti Coffeehouse Headed to La Brea on May 1 [Eater]

Bourgeois Pig Owner Opening Graffiti Coffeehouse in Mid-City