What To Eat

What To Eat at Frog N Snail, Open Today… For Lunch.

Dale Levitski of the new Frog N Snail.
Dale Levitski of the new Frog N Snail. Photo: courtesy Sprout

How fresh is lunch at Frog N Snail going to be? The ink is barely dry on the PDF we were just sent of the menu, that’s how fresh. And we have to say, it looks pretty great for lunch in Lakeview which, overall, is not one of the most adventurous things the city offers. Dale Levitski’s new more casual bistro/coffeeshop thing in Lakeview, kicks off with lunch today; dinner starts next Wednesday (tentatively), and the bakery side will get going in a couple of weeks with housemade baked goods and La Colombe coffee (Levitski’s baker had commitments which prevented him gearing up for this week). It’s at 3124 N. Broadway; look at the menu and check it out today. Or next week. Or whenever.


Radishes with Mustard Butter 8
Genoa salami, cornichons and toast points
Homemade Ricotta Dip 8
bacon, broccoli, herbs and baguette
White Anchovy Crostini 8
radish, watercress, charred zucchini and onion relish with olive oil poached tomato
Frog N Snail 11
kale, leek, green peppercorn ragout
Soup of the Day 6
French Onion Soup 8
short rib, peas, fontina


Lyonnaise 12
frisee, frites, lardon, poached egg and black truffle vinaigrette
Bibb Lettuce with Pickled Peaches 10
nicoise olives, herbs, homemade ricotta, two sherry vinaigrette
Slow Roasted Torn Salmon 14
verjus and poppy seed crème fraiche, hard boiled egg, fingerling potato, beets and fennel
Garden Salad 11
treviso, cauliflower, red wine red onion, thumbelina carrot and green goddess dressing
Grilled NY Strip Carpaccio 15
lolla rossa, truffled egg yolk toast, parmesan, homemade worcestershire, asparagus and lemon vinaigrette

Croque Monsieur 15
two year aged white cheddar, rosemary ham, shallot and apple with golden raisin mustard
(madame add $1)
(vegetarian $12)
Crispy Brook Trout 16
Marcona almond, tobiko mustard, oven-roasted tomato, watercress and red onion on pumpernickel
Ratatouille 12
fried green tomato and Japanese eggplant, charred zucchini and onion relish, goat cheese, piquillo pepper
with ranch aioli
Grilled Chopped Chicken 13
broccoli and BLT with Boursin aioli
Beef Hodgepodge 16
short rib, ribeye, NY strip, mushrooms, leeks, thumbelina carrots, garlic escarole and Bourguignonne sauce
Open Face Turkey and Pastrami 14
horseradish, apple, beet slaw, smoked fontina fondue, sunny egg on pumpernickel

Steak Frites 21
mushrooms, snail and asparagus ragout
Chicken Kiev 17
lima beans, corn and kale succotash
Sweet Pea Risotto Cake 12
lemon cream, mint and ricotta salad
Shrimp Carbonara 17
homemade fettuccine, peas, bacon, ricotta salata, poached egg and toasted hazelnuts
Mushroom and Peach Buckwheat Herbed Crepes 12
with arugula, goat cheese and cauliflower

Frog N Snail, 3124 N. Broadway, 773-661-9166.

What To Eat at Frog N Snail, Open Today… For Lunch.