Even Frozen Yogurt Spots Are Going Mad for Graffiti

Restitution Press' mural at Frog Frozen Yogurt
Restitution Press’ mural at Frog Frozen Yogurt Photo: Frog

Following a month of soft-serve, Frog Frozen Yogurt grand-opens on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood this Sunday from talent coordinator and L.A. local Damien Breen. Yeah, yeah, we know, more fro-yo. But Frog manages to separate itself from the herd with a couple of cool features. First, this is a self-serve frozen yogurt bar, meaning you get to run your ass around the track while picking from ten rotating flavors full of active and live cultures, with one monthly flavor picked by fans via the series of tubes called the internet. 40 toppings help to sweeten the deal, from Snickers to super-fruits, and that’s just what goes into the bowls.

The eco-minded yogurt shop will also show a little love to the community, offering free wi-fi and some cool doohickey on the ceiling that finds an LED display pulsing to the beat of the music playing here and changing the lighting throughout the day.

Consistent with the recent trend of eateries going bonkers for graffiti these days, the store is decked out with a massive mural by one of L.A.’s greatest underground talents, homegrown artist Ryan Graeff of Restitution Press, which you can see above with the lighting display. The business plans to display work from local artists every month, with proceeds going to a non-profit of the artists’ choice. Through March, Frog is offering t-shirts featuring Restitution Press’ design, with proceeds going to L.A. Mission’s Feed L.A. Now, while this Sunday finds a party with screen-printing pirates Hit ‘n Run.

Lastly, in good news for anyone with the judgement still intact to avoid the minefield of Hollywood’s post-bar bacon-wrapped hot dog scene, the fro-yo spot is staying open until 4:00 A.M. to provide club-goers with some cold stuff. Check out all the options online.

Even Frozen Yogurt Spots Are Going Mad for Graffiti