Regarding ForageSF’s Upcoming Incubator Kitchen

As we’d heard last fall, Iso Rabins and his team at ForageSF are taking on the incubator trend with Forage Kitchen, which Rabins calls a “hub for food.” Inspired by the Tech Shop model, the new venture will include a shared-use commercial kitchen as well as office space and consulting services to aspiring food entrepreneurs for around $100 a month, providing much-needed support for the food community.

“When you’re starting your own food business there is so much bureaucracy and red tape,” Rabins tells Bay Area Bites. “There is so much hassle and you’re generally trying to do it all on your own, so it’s really disheartening.”

The new space will also offer workshops, classes, potlucks and parties, and a cafe in the front that sells incubator vendor products. They also plan to launch a group buying effort in order to bring more local farmers and ranchers into the city.

The project is still in the early stage, but Rabins hopes to open the kitchen in a year or so. He’s been eyeing a 10,000 square feet spot in SOMA, which has space for a rooftop garden and a temperature-controlled room to hang meats and cure prosciutto. He also hopes to include a “brew room.” Sounds delightful!

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Regarding ForageSF’s Upcoming Incubator Kitchen