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Flavor Flav Taking Fried Chicken Empire Aspirations to Vegas This Week

It's the Flavor!
It’s the Flavor! Photo: Back9 Network via Flickr

Having somehow managed to escape Elton John’s dungeon, Public Enemy hype-man and hip-hop clown prince Flavor Flav is bringing his fried chicken joint to Las Vegas this week. You may recall that Flavor first sprang a place called Flavor’s Fried Chicken on Iowa in early 2011, along with the surprising revelation that he holds a degree in the culinary arts. The restaurant shuttered by that April amid reports that it hadn’t been kept up to Flav’s meticulous standards of cleanliness and an ensuing word that the rapper was being sued by one of his partners. Whether or not that beef was ever squashed may not matter, as Flav is preparing to debut a Sin City location of the restaurant this Thursday under a new name with a new partner.

The project won’t be joining other celebrity-branded Vegas restaurants like Lynyrd Skynyrd’s BBQ and Beer, that coffeehouse from Kiss, Tony Keith’s shit-kicking meat mecca, or a Beach Boys-themed eatery, which are found at major hotel properties on or adjacent to The Strip.

Instead, Flavor is intent on keeping it real, as they say, by opening the re-branded House of Flavor at a location next to the less-frequented Boulevard Mall. Flav actually lives in Vegas, making it more likely you’ll catch him here than in Iowa, though he tells tells Bloomberg Business Week that he’ll mostly be on tour with Chuck and the S1W. He elaborates that the Vegas eatery will be a stand-alone concept, while Flavor’s Fried Chicken, essentially the same concept, is coming back, with plans to open in Detroit and eventually, to bum rush the evil empire of everything dominance of KFC and Popeye’s.

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Flavor Flav Taking Fried Chicken Empire Aspirations to Vegas This Week