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Domino’s Thinks Later Delivery Hours Will Help Single Moms

Just what every busy single mom needs and wants: to be up late into the night, not consoling crying babies (or enjoying a glass of wine in front of the Real Housewives), but delivering pizzas to drunken college students and maybe even criminals! A creative person representing Allston’s Domino’s petitioned the Boston Licensing Board for later delivery hours, saying the move would add 12 new jobs, possibly for single mothers.

Per Universal Hub: “Willam Mohan, a consultant to Domino’s, said the issue was not really pizza but the benefits late-night pizza delivery would mean for the neighborhood: The extra hours would mean 12 new jobs, and he specifically cited single moms wondering how they would pay for doctor visits as an example of the sort of people Domino’s would hire.”

How charitable! Also part of the argument: More drivers would mean safer streets, because drivers/single moms would call 911 if they saw shady characters prowling about. Moms are sensible that way. Also, delivery pizza would mean fewer drunks rambling around looking for food, because instead they’d be passed out on the couch with a nice greasy slice.

How about they hire deadbeat dads instead?

Allston Domino’s Says Late-Night Delivery Would Mean Less Crime [UH]

Domino’s Thinks Later Delivery Hours Will Help Single Moms