Prison Food

Michael Jackson’s Ex-Doctor Literally Sick of Jail Food

Convicted Michael Jackson killer Conrad Murray is crying out from the hells of L.A. County Jail, and it isn’t a pretty picture. Earlier this month, the disgraced doctor narrowly sidestepped a shanking at the hands of one of the Debarge brothers, but now he claims it’s the jail food that might end up killing him if he doesn’t get out. TMZ says that Murray is “extremely sick” with dysentery, and has dropped 30 pounds since November due to a combination of skanky water and a diet Murray claims is mostly “cat food” purchased at the commissary.

Murray, no doubt used to the good life that comes from supplying dangerous drugs to pop legends, isn’t feasting on Friskies though, but rather a pre-packaged seafood diet, including canned tuna and mackerel, and salmon flakes that he complains are all inhuman. (Haven’t enough reputations been damaged here without dragging delicious canned tuna into the gutter?)

Of course, claiming life-threatening health issues could just be part of the doctor’s argument for that early release he’s constantly appealing for. Either way, we’re sure Administrative Segregation isn’t exactly a Spago-catered affair.

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Michael Jackson’s Ex-Doctor Literally Sick of Jail Food