Citizen’s Band Owners Speak; Irish Whiskey Is Trending

• Chris Beerman and Cheryl Burr, the friends and business partners who co-own Citizen’s Band and Pinkie’s Bakery, discuss the secret to their popular burger. [SFoodie]

7x7 gives their take on State Bird Provisions, and says to “expect the unexpected.” [7x7]

• The Daily Meal talks to a craft services caterer in Hollywood who says that Glenn Close is happy with a bag of Oreos whereas Demi Moore once asked them to make an omelet from the whites of quail eggs. [Daily Meal]

• We’re not just saying this because it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Whiskey is making a comeback. Think of it as somewhat along the lines of small-batch American bourbon. [Food Republic]

• Some guilt with your coffee? Around 30 to 50 percent of food in the world goes to waste, with Americans one of the worst culprits, tossing 33 pounds a week per person, on average. [MSNBC]

• Kate Upton eating a dripping Carl’s Jr. burger might be sexy, but that sandwich is going to lower sperm count, dude. [NYDN]

• Mon dieu: The French Right has caused a furor this week by claiming that most butchers in Paris are selling Halal meat to all customers, Muslim or no, without informing the non-Muslims of this. [Salt/NPR]

Citizen’s Band Owners Speak; Irish Whiskey Is Trending