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China Poblano Celebrates Jalisco and Oaxaca at Mezcal and Tequila Fest

Piñas, ready for roasting
Piñas, ready for roasting Photo: Darij & Ana via Flickr

Next Monday, China Poblano, Jose Andres’ Chinese-Mexican joint at The Cosmopolitan in Vegas, will revel in agave juice at the restaurant’s “Tequila & Mezcal Festival,” planned March 12-18. The two-week event will find mescal on the mind the first week, tequila the second. Del Maguey master Ron Cooper will be in the house on March 14, with a two-hour, free-to-the-public tasting at five o’clock, followed by dinner prepared by chef Shirley Chung that will be paired with cocktails made from Cooper’s single village crafts, at 7:30 P.M. priced at $100.

The following Friday, March 23, Casa Noble Tequila’s Jose Hermosillo will do the same with his spirits, pouring tastes for Sin City’s gen. pop. at five o’clock, then holding dinner at 7:30 P.M. During both weeks, China Poblano will offer a selection of antojitos, exclusively found at the bar, that pairs well with both the straight spirits and the restaurant’s featured cocktails (such as a Oaxacan Sombra mescal-infused “El Bahio” and “Oaxacan Swizzles” with Del Maguey), including spiced chicken wings a la orange with olives and chile pequin.

During the two-week run of the event, Chung also plans menu items focused on the cuisine of tequila-and-mezcal producing states Jalisco and Oaxaca, featuring oyster sopes, chorizo-stuffed pork loin, and shrimp pozole to rep the former, and pork trotters for the latter.

More details are on China Poblano’s website and reservations can be found at 702-698-7900.

China Poblano Celebrates Jalisco and Oaxaca at Mezcal and Tequila Fest