In China, Piss-Soaked Eggs Are Apparently a Springtime Treat

Ready for their bath.
Ready for their bath. Photo: iStockphoto

Here in America, parents want their kids to eat vegetables and avoid pink slime. In Dongyang, China, it’s apparently a different story: Parents want their families to eat eggs soaked in the urine of young boys, a “unique springtime snack” with amazing health properties. (We assure you, this isn’t from the Onion.)

Reuters reports that “basins and buckets of boys’ urine are collected from primary school toilets” as a key ingredient in something called “virgin boy eggs,” sold at street stalls throughout the area. Reuters notes that there’s no real reason why the eggs need to be boiled in young boys’ urine instead of say, water, beyond the fact that it’s been this way for “centuries.” And really, who are we to question the traditions of the Chinese?

Despite their peculiar fragrance and the general improprieties of eating something drenched in prepubescent liquids, the eggs are also supposedly good for you. Many Chinese claim that the treats, described as “fresh and salty” by someone who actually choked one down, will gird against heat stroke and promote better blood circulation.

For any Fear Factor producers who might be reading this and getting a show idea, you’re welcome.

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In China, Piss-Soaked Eggs Are Apparently a Springtime Treat