Celine Dion Now Owns Iconic Canadian Deli; FDA Mulls Ban on BPA

• Celine Dion is part of a group that bought Montreal’s landmark deli, Schwartz’s. Evidently, her heart goes on despite a love for smoked meat. [HuffPo]

• The French went ahead and outlawed BPA in food packaging, and now the FDA is deciding by the end of the month whether to ban it; the chemical has been linked to cancer and reproductive problems. [Forbes]

• Giving love to Orange County, Sunny Spot shot-caller Roy Choi recalls tripping balls in Silverado Canyon and watching bikinis pass by in Newport Beach. [OC Weekly]

• At Sunday’s Gold Standard event, Jonathan Gold said that even he isn’t 100% sure yet what his beat will be at The L.A. Times. [HuffPo]

• Food-writing powerhouse Elina Shatkin conducts her own engaging exit interview at Squid Ink before heading to Los Angeles magazine. [Squid Ink]

• How to make delicious tonkotsu ramen at home? To start, you’re going to need a lot of pig bones. [SE]

• Sam Adams has a new entry into the IPA market called Whitewater. Far from a typical West Coast hophead’s IPA, this wheat brew uses apricots for sweetness and seeks to combine an IPA with a Belgian white ale. [Beer Advocate]

• Italian desserts aren’t just limited to tiramisu and cannoli; as the author of Dolci: Italy’s Sweets discovered, they’re sometimes made with “sugar, honey and chocolate with pasta, chickpeas, eggplant and even meat.” [Reuters]

• Soba artist Sonoko Sanai was once a movie industry heavyweight in Japan. Here, she recalls a meal of pickled silk larvae and shouts out the buckwheat bread at Cook’s County. [THR]

Melisse chef Josiah Citrin held a cooking demo at Google HQ and discussed Ferran Adria’s influence on today’s chefs. [Eater]

• The owners of The Escondite expound on the joys and challenges of their stretch of Skid Row. [Taste Terminal]

Celine Dion Now Owns Iconic Canadian Deli; FDA Mulls Ban on BPA