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Carson Daly Shoots Show at Churchill; Kim Kardashian ‘Flour-Bombed’ at The London

Daly and Issacs order up some bro-mance at the Churchill
Daly and Issacs order up some bro-mance at the Churchill Photo: The Churchill

Whether loathing or lusting, most everyone has wanted to hit Kim Kardashian with a piece of humble pie at one point or another. This week, one fast-acting weisenheimer publicly took the leap, throwing a “flour bomb” onto the squeaky starlet as she strode into the launch of her own fragrance line at West Hollywood’s London Hotel. The young lady who befouled Kimbo with this humiliating white substance may have been angry about fur or feeling the pent up collective passion, may have simply taken one for the team, none of which wants to see, let alone smell, more of the reality snore. Elsewhere, celebs kept the ingredients outta their hair, like Carson Daly, who shot an interview with Awake actor Jason Issacs at The Churchill, Zoe Saldana, who chowed down with a gentleman caller at Chaya, and Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett, who got gums flapping whilst fearlessly flying through Trader Joe’s together. Where else did celebs eat, drink, and avoid egg (or flour) on their faces? Have a look.

Chaya: Zoe Saldana was spotted had a late lunch on Wednesday, March 21 with a gentleman, eating sushi rolls and chopped salad with a glass of wine. [GS]

The Churchill: Carson Daly shot an episode here to air next Wednesday. [GS]

Eveleigh: That White Collar Comedy dude, Bill Engvall, was seated for dinner with family this past Sunday. If you’re eating anywhere in West Hollywood, you might not be a redneck. [GS]

Kate Mantilini: Both Tommy Chong and Ann Coulter came by this week, but sadly not together. [GS]

Koo Koo Roo: Megan Fox and M.C. Brian Austin Green took the actor’s son out for some chicken. [Celebrity Gossip]

Lemonade: Emma Watson is casting some sort of magic spell that makes her look younger than she did in Harry Potter. [Hawt Celebs]

Matsuhisa: Jessica Alba and her husband dipped into some sushi last night. [Gossip Cennter]

Nate n’ Al: Kourtney Kardashian played “yummy mummy” at the classic deli. [People]

Rock & Reilly’s: E and Turtle from Entourage attended the pub’s St. Patrick’s Day block party, the former looking appropriately Irish. [GS]

Roger Room: After sternly rogering up a recent trip to New Orleans, Russel Brand took his Jim Morrison-meets-Yahoo Serious schtick to the bar. [People]

Trader Joe’s: Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett did some grocery shopping together. [The Celebrity Café]

Villa Blanca: Jennie Garth displayed her bare-knuckles at the 90210 restaurant. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]

Carson Daly Shoots Show at Churchill; Kim Kardashian ‘Flour-Bombed’ at