Do Bees Deserve Their Very Own (B)E! True Hollywood Story?

The Herald reports on the misunderstood existence of bees, creatures whose lives they call “intricate and troubled.” In an effort to dispel the myth that bees are just out to sting, many bee advocates in Boston are pushing for greater visibility. One organization, Best Bees, has put observation hives into classrooms at Fenway High School and Mission Hill Elementary. Keeping bees on the roofs of hotels are also a thing now; the Seaport Hotel is one such pioneer.

If you want to jump on the urban beekeeping bandwagon, or if you just want to make your own honey for summertime cocktails, take note: Best Bees will install a hive on your property and assist in the care and honey harvesting for $975 per year. The company, reports the Herald, is dedicated to keeping bees “safe and happy.” How sweet.

Urban Beekeeping Takes Flight [Herald]

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Do Bees Deserve Their Very Own (B)E! True Hollywood Story?