Big Restaurants Are Back in S.F.; Singing the Praises of Miso

• With the upcoming opening of Joseph Humphrey’s 10,000-square-foot (!) Dixie in the Presidio, and the early success of the spacious AQ, the Business Times says big restaurants are back. [Biz Times]

• Following on Kauffman’s review of State Bird Provisions, he interviewed chef Stuart Brioza, who admits some inspiration for the restaurant came from working for David Burke and his all-you-can-eat dim-sum brunch. [SFoodie]

• As you probably know, Lucky Strike Lanes opens today, and here’s a video of Brian Wilson talking about why he decided to come on as owner/partner. [LiveSOMA]

• Mark Bittman urges us not to limit miso to soup; thanks to its incredible umami qualities, it makes a great seasoning, or addition to butter, or mayo, he writes. [NYT]

• Here’s something scary: It may not just be calories making us fat, but rather all of the weird organic pollutants we consume via our food and water systems. Some doctors still disagree with this theory, though. [Atlantic]

• If you’re interested in wine, turn your eye to Spain, “one of the most fascinating wine-producing countries in Europe, if not the world,” according to this critic. [WSJ]

• D. Landreth Seed Co., which has a long and storied history stretching back to the Constitutional Convention, is at risk of going under. So buy seeds! You listening, DIY types? [Salt/NPR]

Big Restaurants Are Back in S.F.; Singing the Praises of Miso