Berkeley Art Show Depicts an Urban Farm ‘Tomorrowland’; Jose Andres Launches a Food Truck

• An art show called “Land, Use” at the Hazel Wolf Gallery (2150 Allston Street, Berkeley), a joint show from artists Fernando García-Dory and Amy Franceschini, depicts whimsical, futuristic agrarian ideas like an urban farm with pedal-powered wheelbarrows. [SFBG]

• Josiah Baldivino, the lead sommelier at Michael Mina, talks top-sellers and great values, and how San Francisco diners are different than New Yorkers. [SFoodie]

• Local gin distiller No. 209 now makes a kosher vodka, just in time for Passover. [7x7]

• Snoozeflash: Mexican Coke tastes better. And yes, we mean Coca-Cola. [HuffPo]

• Opening day of Jose Andres’ much-anticipated D.C. food truck featured long lines and $20 Iberico-ham sandwiches. [WP]

• A mother of four was forced by a TSA officer to pump breast milk into her empty baby bottles before she could pass through airport security. Empty or full bottles? Make up your mind, TSA. [NYDN]

• Now Jamba Juice is squeezing its way into the fresh-juice trend, starting with blends of orange, mango, and berry elixirs. [NRN]

• Crazy ups and downs for food prices recently are not just owing to bad weather — investors speculating on the crops have caused much of the instability. [Wired Science/Wired]

Berkeley Art Show Depicts an Urban Farm ‘Tomorrowland’; Jose Andres