Bourdain Releases Layover App; Starbucks Goes Upscale in Amsterdam

• Did you miss Anthony Bourdain’s Layover in S.F.? Well, now you can experience it via a new iPad app. Now when is his buddy Chang going to finish with that long-delayed Lucky Peach app? [Eater]

• SFoodie offers up a thorough review of Park Tavern’s brunch from new critic Olivia Ware. [SFoodie, Earlier]

• Here’s a profile of local chocolatier Michael Recchiuti in which he says his favorite flavors in chocolate are grapefruit and tarragon. [Scoop]

• If you’re curious what an upscale, local-food-focused Starbucks looks like, here’s photo evidence of the new one in Amsterdam. [HuffPo]

• It’s nearly spring, and beers are going citrusy: Coors will roll out an iced-tea flavored beer, and Anheuser-Busch will introduce Lime-a-Rita margarita-flavored suds. We’ll stick to spiked Arnold Palmers, thanks. [NYDN]

• Rush Limbaugh does NOT like books that expose the underbelly of the food system, as evidenced by his “young, single, overeducated” comments about Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way of Eating. Jeez, he would have hated The Jungle. [Seattle Times]

• Sip on this: Coca-Cola had to modify ingredients in one of its caramel-color additives to avoid having to put cancer warnings on its cans under a new California law. Yeep. [Salt/NPR]

Bourdain Releases Layover App; Starbucks Goes Upscale in Amsterdam