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Boston, America’s Drunkest City: A Source of Pride or Shame?

After 12 martinis, my personality truly shines.
After 12 martinis, my personality truly shines. Photo: istockphoto

Not long ago Boston was christened “America’s Drunkest City” by the Daily Beast. What better time to live up to our stereotype reputation than St. Patrick’s Day? The innovation-anthropologists at BostonInno have some front-lines reportage from the weekend’s debauchery. In fact, BI seems pretty impressed by our liver-pickling abilities. But we wanna know: Should our capacity for boozin’ make us proud … or ashamed? Getting totally smashed on a major drinking holiday seems more predictable than innovative, really.

“This weekend, I had the pleasure of cruising through downtown Boston, navigating through a sea of green people. Correction: a sea of drunk people. I saw couples making out in the middle of crosswalks, dudes dancing to random bagpippers and so many open containers that you’d think we don’t have a law against it. Once again Boston, you proved your awesomeness and have definitely earned your title as drunkest city in America,” BI crows.

They also culled precious Tweets from the weekend, including photos of a person lying in a crumpled ball on the sidewalk, another photo of a young lass urinating in a gutter, and a dispatch from someone drunkenly pleading for restraint at 10:15 a.m.

So, tell us: Do you think people get drunker in Boston? Act stupider? Cling longingly, like a drunken college freshman to a fake ID, to any and every excuse to get blindingly inebriated? And, the most important question of all: Did you have a nice St. Patrick’s Day (if you can remember it, that is)?

Face Me, I’m S**Kissed [BoInno]

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Boston, America’s Drunkest City: A Source of Pride or Shame?