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Is Alex Stupak Cookin’ at Clio?

Alex Stupak
Alex Stupak Photo: Jenny Miller

This morning several tipsters told us to check out Ken Oringer’s Twitter feed, which clearly we spend tons of time doing anyway. (Thanks, commenter “Kitty,” for the suggestion that Oringer hire Sophia Loren as his GM!) Anyway, it’s Clio’s 15th anniversary, and Oringer seems to be on the prowl for guest chefs to help mark the occasion.

One possibility? Hard-core, enigmatic, prodigious Alex Stupak from New York’s Empellón. Tweets Oringer: “u guys available to cook at clio 1 cs 15 yr anniv may or June? So psyched for all success.” Stupak’s reply? “Most likely!”

If this is the case, Clio’s anniversary fete will probably be tougher to get into than Guchi’s Midnight Ramen.

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Is Alex Stupak Cookin’ at Clio?