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Magic Hat Founder Alan Newman Has a New Dream Job

Sam Adams, such a generous and patient guy!
Sam Adams, such a generous and patient guy! Photo: Photo-illustration: Mary-Louise Price. Photos: Sam Adams, iStockphoto

A bit more backstory has emerged about Alchemy & Science, the new subsidiary label of Boston Beer Company (known primarily for Sam Adams), headed by Magic Hat guru Alan Newman. Basically, the man has a job to kill for and can do almost anything he wants using Boston Beer’s extensive resources and staff!

Apparently BBC’s Jim Koch made Newman an offer he “couldn’t refuse”; Newman was lured out of semi-retirement to head up the new label, which will essentially serve as a creative incubator for whatever the heck Newman wants to try. (Magic Hat was sold in 2010.) Sounds dreamy, right?

Per a piece in the Herald News, Koch gave his pal Newman a blank slate to generate ideas, plus access to Boston Beer’s resources and staff, to make investments in the craft beer industry. Oh, and it’s not even expected to turn a profit! Yet. “Koch says the subsidiary could invest in what he calls ‘interesting adventures in craft brewing’ and use Boston Beer’s brewing and business expertise to grow them in a way that their current owners can’t,” the story states. Sounds reasonable enough.

What, don’t they have confidence in that whole crowd-sourced craft beer initiative they launched a few months ago?

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