Again With the Cocktail-Pairing Debate; Store Brands Are Now Cool

• Regarding the ongoing debate on pairing cocktails with food, should you or shouldn’t you, and where in San Francisco the concept works best. [7x7, Earlier]

• In conjunction with this past weekend’s reopening of Meadowood, the Chron has this “Chef’s Night” piece featuring a home-cooked dinner by chef Christopher Kostow’s wife Martina, and documented by Janny Hu. [Chron]

• The Oracle Arena is bracing for a big rave party this Saturday — the first of its kind in two years after a bunch of hospitalizations and a couple of MDMA-related deaths in 2010 prompted the Cow Palace to basically ban such electronic music festivals. [Tribune]

• If you wince and lose your appetite every time you hear the term “pink slime,” you can blame a government scientist named Gerald Zirnstein for coining the term. [Reuters]

• Tristesse: The famed Hemingway Bar at the Ritz in Paris is closing. Here’s a look at its history. [WSJ]

• FYI: Store brands are now cool. Also, half the time shoppers don’t even realize something is a store brand, as with Target’s Archer Farms label. [USAT]

• The next mouths the fast-casual restaurant industry is intent on feeding? Kids, old people, and hispanics. So expect lots of new dishes like prune enchiladas topped with smiley-face dribbles of sauce. Or something. [NRN]

• The burgeoning home-brewed-beer movement is being hampered by pesky state laws. [USAT]

Again With the Cocktail-Pairing Debate; Store Brands Are Now Cool