Yelp About to Go Public

...but we can only given them two stars for service.
…but we can only given them two stars for service.

Having put that pesky pay-to-play lawsuit behind them, Yelp began their IPO process late last year, and they’re getting close. As Forbes reports, the S.F.-based citizen-review aggregator is set to go public shortly, and just yesterday they disclosed for the first time what they think they’re worth: $840 million, or between $12 and $14 per share.

Of course, as many small businesses and restaurants are aware, stuff like this still happens, and their practices vis-a-vis getting businesses to advertise with them do seem a little shady. But with revenue up a whopping 75% in 2011, they’re obviously doing something right! If only they could get their reviewers to stop using the phrase “just OK” to describe the service at every restaurant, we’d respect them a lot more.

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Yelp About to Go Public