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Video: See Nellcôte’s Unique In-House Flour Mill in Action

Jared Van Camp operates Nellcôte's flour mill.
Jared Van Camp operates Nellcôte’s flour mill. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Much of the attention paid to Jared Van Camp’s upcoming Randolph St. spot Nellcôte has revolved around the scene, the decor, the glam-rock late-60s-decadent concept. But Nellcôte had us months ago at the words “We’re going to have our own flour mill.” We were instantly fascinated by the idea that Van Camp was going to make pizza and pasta with the same top-to-bottom totally-from-scratch dedication that he brings to the charcuterie at Old Town Social, which upped the game locally for cured meats. And now we can bring you the first look at his flour mill, made by century-old Meadows Mills in North Carolina. We were expecting some kind of gleaming, Berkel-esque Italian piece of machinery; instead what Van Camp got looks more like it was made by guys whose previous experience was in the construction of backwoods stills. But if it was a bit of a struggle to get the worlds of North Carolina mill builders and Italian flour specs to meet, the results look like they’re going to change everybody’s idea of what pasta locally should be, too. Today’s look at the mill runs 5 minutes; we’ll have another video on Thursday in which Van Camp will bake the very first pizza from his in-house flour.

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Video: See Nellcôte’s Unique In-House Flour Mill in Action