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Can Valets Keep Restaurant-Goers From Driving Drunk?

Get out your Charlie Card, bub.
Get out your Charlie Card, bub. Photo: istockphoto

That’s what one optimistic city councilor thinks. We, however, fear that it’s a prime way for valets to get into fights with sloshed customers. Can’t you just picture a gaggle of tipsy twenty-somethings emerging from a restaurant and obediently hopping on the T when a valet, who’s been standing in the cold for three hours and might not have the best attitude to begin with, refuses to hand over the keys to the Passat? Yeah, no.

The Globe reports that Councilor Rob Consalvo filed an order last week for a hearing to discuss the possibility of a city ordinance to require valet parking companies to withhold car keys from patrons who appear too drunk to drive; we’re not quite sure how a valet would determine if someone was drunk (short of, say, watching someone urinate on the sidewalk or disrobe).

On the plus side, drunk would-be drivers wouldn’t get arrested; they would simply be sent home, and if the car is parked overnight as a result, the driver wouldn’t be charged extra. Police would be summoned in case of feuds.

Drunk diners/drivers: Just do everyone a favor and take public transportation.

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Can Valets Keep Restaurant-Goers From Driving Drunk?